Want Six Pack Abs?

In order for your stomach muscles to show, you have to have a very low percentage of fat in your body. You want six pack abs, everyone does! The problem is that no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to overcome that hurdle and attain a flat board of muscle.

There are many common misconceptions that has healthy gym goers working day and night on their abs, pleading them to come out. They have the fitness, the dedication and they put in the hours – for what? They still want six pack abs, and don’t have any!

Their main problem is the fact that they are concentrating so directly on their abs that they are only doing isolated abs exercises. Millions of them, everyday. This is, in fact, not going to get them the abs they so desperately want. It’s not going to work for you, either. It doesn’t matter how many sit-ups, crunches or twists that you do, it won’t happen.

The bottom line is that you can’t have visible abs if you have a lot of body fat. It makes sense then, that to achieve better results with your abs, you need to lose all of your fat. A complete, total body workout plan is far more efficient for you. You might be the king of crunches, hitting 500 a day – which is great for your core and your abdominal muscles.

Unfortunately that layer of fat over your torso is preventing the definition that you want. So the trick is to do a lot of cardio exercise to lose weight? No not at all. You can’t just do aerobic exercise to lose weight. You want six pack abs. This means you have to reshape your body as well as lose weight.

The only way to achieve this is to focus on a variety of high intensity work outs. By continually hitting and overcoming your limits by pushing yourself harder and further each time you exercise, you will grow your muscle. The whole point is to grow muscle, lose fat and get those fabulous abs.

You have to couple the right nutrition with your high intensity training program to strip away your excess fat. The more muscle you build the more fat you will lose because of the increased metabolic processes in your body. Essentially your body needs more energy to keep your muscles healthy and increasing, so they burn energy, or fat. If you want six pack abs this is the only way to get them.

Concentrate on variety, intensity and muscle building and your abs will appear naturally. By achieving a high intensity total body work out repeatedly, you won’t have to bother with repetitive abs isolation exercises that don’t work. Focus on your overall health, its all part of the bigger picture.

If you want six pack abs you need a virtually fat free body. O.K. the body with as lower possible body fat percentage. The right nutrition gives you the energy. The energy is burnt, making you lose weight and gain muscle. Do this for long enough and soon you won’t have any fat. After that, you will have the abs you want.

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Q1. I work hard in the gym but can’t lose any fat. I guess it’s just my bad genes, right?

Wrong. Lot’s of people give up in their quest for six pack abs just because they think that they have ‘bad’ genes. But the truth about six pack abs is that the workout routine you follow and the foods that you eat are the real reason that you can’t get six pack abs, not your genes.

If you get these two factors right then you will be burning fat and showing off those lean abdominal muscles in no time.

Which brings me nicely on to question 2…

Q2. If I really want 6 pack abs, do I have to spend hours every week on slow, boring cardio?

The fitness industry has brainwashed us all into thinking that we have to spend hours on the treadmill, bike or elliptical trainer if we want to get lean and really lose that belly fat.

But how many people do you know that have actually managed to get ripped six pack abs with all of this cardio? And more importantly, has it actually worked for you?

By the way, it is true that cardio training burns a higher percentage of fat during exercise than sprints or weight training.

However, circuit training, weight training and sprints create a hormonal fat burning response in your body that lasts for up to 2 whole days after you workout.

Not only that but your RMR (resting metabolic rate) will remain elevated for up to 2 days after each workout too. This is down to your body repairing the muscles used whilst working out.

Compare this to cardio where the positive effects last only 1-2 hours post workout.

As you can see, the residual fat burning effects of anaerobic workouts far outweigh those of the slow, boring cardio.

Did you know that too much cardio can actually cause you to lose muscle mass? This will reduce your RMR and actually make it harder for you to burn belly fat.

As you can see, the real truth is that cardio is not the only way to get six pack abs.

Q3. I really want to get six pack abs, but I am petrified of the gym. I’d love to workout at home but can’t possibly afford the equipment. What do I do?

First of all, you don’t have to be a gym member in order to workout. In fact, I personally haven’t held a gym membership in the past 4 years. And my best results have come from working out at home. So it can be done.

Second of all I just wanted to let you know how inexpensive it has been to build up my home exercise equipment. Don’t worry about needing all of those hyper expensive, home workout gimmicks.

All that you really need to begin with is a stability ball and a couple of dumbbells. As you build up you can add a bench and some heavier free weights to your collection.

Why not try checking out some online auction sites for some high quality second hand stuff. You might save yourself a bunch of money.

I’ve probably spent no more than about $250 over the last 4 years getting my equipment together. That’s only about $60 a year! And I’ve got more than enough to be getting along with.