Top 3 Exercises, Lose Love Handles!

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“What are the best exercises to lose love handles?” A question that is asked almost every single day, I’m sure all of us at one point have looked down at those dreaded love handles and just wished they would disappear, heck I knew I used to. I don’t even understand why we call them love handles, it’s not like anyone loves them!

If you’re struggling with the dilemma of ugly love handles, then you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of what I personally believe to be the best 3 exercises get rid of them for good.

Kick Flutters

Now that’s one exercise for the love handles you don’t hear everyday, most people don’t even know what a kick flutter is. Basically to perform the exercise what you need to do is lie straight down on your stomach with your head slightly elevated. Keep your arms fully extended flat down beside you while you elevate your knees and legs off the ground performing a rapid kicking motion, much like kicking when you are swimming. Try to kick for 20 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds and repeat up-to 10 times, 3 sets.

The Kick Flutter is very beneficial to your lower back, what most people don’t realize is that when trying to lose love handles or tone up the mid-section, your lower back actually plays a major role in creating a balance in your torso to help reduce fat.

Standing Side Crunch

The side crunch is another great exercise to lose love handles because it actually targets the muscle that is hiding under that layer of fat, the oblique. To perform the side crunch first you need to stand up with a straight back with your hands by your sides. Grab a light dumbbell and hold it in either your left or right hand, you will then proceed to bend your torso sideways while letting the dumbbell slowly descend down towards the floor, the action is almost like a normal crunch motion, but while standing and crunching sideways instead of crunching forward (the normal crunch motion). Repeat 10 times per side of your body for 3 sets.

Bicycle Crunches

This may be a hard one to explain, but is one of the best exercises to help lose love handles, so bear with me. To perform the bicycle lie flat down on your back, extend your legs straight out and keep them elevated 5-6 inches off the floor. You will then lift your head forward allowing you to place your hands behind your head (picture the way that you keep your hands behind your head in a sit-up type position). Now you will bring your left knee forward in towards your chest while twisting your torso to the left side allowing your right elbow to meet your left knee. Extend your legs back out to the previous position and repeat for the opposite side of your body (Left elbow meets right knee). Repeat side to side 25 times in one fluent motion limiting rest periods between twists.

These are by far my top 3 exercises to help lose love handles, try adding them into your daily routine too see the difference. The great benefits of these exercises are that you don’t need to perform them in the gym as they can all be done in the comfort of your own home in just minutes per day.

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The term “love handles” is a bit seductive, intriguing and self-contradictory. Why would you like to lose your love handles that help you to enjoy your love making? Love handles is actually a slang for the excess flesh or fat on the waist.

People hold on to the waist in order to infuse full force in their forays, which is what gives them the pleasure they seek. And if there is a little bit of flesh on the waist, it can be used as a handle to provide a firmer hold and facilitate the performance.

Love making apart, love handles or the layers of fat on the waist signify bad abdominal health. They make your tummy look ugly. Women with love handles hesitate to display their midriff and those who have slim, firm, sleek and sexy waist flaunt it proudly.

A slim, round and sexy waist is much more inviting as it promises what is above and below it.

Although exercises go a long way in helping people to lose love handles, it should be remembered that even the best exercise is not going to help you to get rid of love handles unless you control your salivary glands from starting watering the moment you see sweet, spicy, fried and crispy delicacies.

A positive approach is to take a diet that fights the fat and helps in getting rid of love handles. Raw, fresh, fibrous fruits, vegetables, salads, whole grain meals and plenty of water are highly nutritive and laxative.

When you evacuate your stomach of all the toxic waste and the food consumed the previous day, it becomes soft and pliable and allows the exercise to burn the love handles much more easily and effectively.

How to lose love handles fast

First Exercise

It is an Indian breathing exercise, called Kapal Bhati Pranayam. Kapal Bhati actually means radiant face. The health of your flat and firm stomach reveals itself through the radiance of your face.

Although Kapal Bhati was devised by the ancient Indian Sages, notably Sage Patajali, thousands of years back, it has been promoted recently by the greatest living exponent of ancient Indian Yoga, Swami Ramdev.

Kapal Bhati is a stomach specific breathing exercise (Pranayam) and it shows almost instant results in form of fat loss. Some people claim to lose around one pound of flesh on the very first day, though the progress in weight loss depends upon the severity of the problem.

The exercise involves vacuuming your tummy by pulling it inside. You can easily watch the videos of Kapal Bhati Pranayam on You Tube.

Just type Kapal Bhati Pranayam in Google or You Tube and you will find scores of videos showing a black bearded, partly bare, partly ochre robed Indian Yoga Master- Swami Ramdev-demonstrating the exercise with commentary in English.

You can supplement the Kapal Bhati breathing exercise with these 2 simple physical exercises.

1. Pelvic Lifts

Lie on the floor with your back on it and raise your legs straight forming a right angle on the ground.

Raise your hip from the floor as much as you can and hold it in that position as long as you can. Remember not to overdo or tire yourself.

Come back to the lying position

Repeat the exercise 5 times.

2. Elbow to opposite knee crunch

A bit difficult, but really powerful exercise to lose your love handles fast.

Lie on the ground with your back upon it. Place your hands under your head and extend your elbows towards the chest.

Lift your head and shoulders from the ground and also pull your right knee towards the chest and try to touch it with the elbow of your left arm.

Do the same with the left knee and right arm.

Initially you will be able only to bring your knee and elbow closer to each other.

This exercise targets the oblique muscle of your abdomen.

There is much more you need to learn about how to lose love handles fast. What specific foods and exercises can burn the stomach fat in no time?

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