Tips to Stay Young

Tips to Stay Young, We all know aging is inevitable. Then question arises how to stay young? Is that possible? The plain and simple answer is -yes. With the progress of science, we have been able to discover the mythical fountain of youth. Let us discuss some tips that can enable you to stay young or at least a little younger for all time to come.

Stay Young with Exercise

Research studies show if you maintain two-plus hours of physical exercise a week, you’re 30 percent less likely to die in the next 20 years than if you do less or no exercise. Dancing to your favorite tunes can also help. Exercise keeps your weight and blood pressure under control reducing your risk for catching various ailments including heart disease.

Controlling your Body-mass Index to stay young

Body mass index (BMI) is the indicative of the body fat. If you are an active women and your BMI is between 18.5 and 22.9, then you are two and half times less likely to be prone to disease than sedentary and overweight women. Remember excess body fat contributes more proteins and acids that increase your risk for cancer and other ailments.

Stay Young by decreasing your Waistline

Research studies show that waistlines of around 37.7 inches may cut women’s mortality risk by 23 percent in comparison with larger waistlines. To attain this you need to cut trans fats as they can lead to belly bulge and instead go for yogurt and avocados.

Stay Young by controlling your total cholesterol level

Your HDL (good) cholesterol should be below 200 mg/dl and LDL (bad) cholesterol should be below 40 mg/dl. In case your HDL and LDL are 240 mg/dl and 60 mg/dl or more respectively your risk for stroke and heart disease increases.

Increase your fiber intake to stay young

Research shows that with every 10 grams of fiber you consume, you cut your risk for coronary death by 17 percent. Ideally you must take 25grams of fiber that should include legumes and raspberries.

Get your Sleep to stay young

Go for 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This is because less than seven hours of sleep disrupts your hunger-regulating hormones and results in weight gain. Research studies also indicate that if you sleep fewer than six hours a night, you may be 12 percent more likely to die earlier than those who sleep for above six hours.

Stay Young by controlling your Blood Pressure

Your ideal blood pressure measurement should be 120/80. Your blood pressure measuring 140/90 signifies full-fledged hypertension and 139/89 indicates prehypertension. In both the cases, you need to consult your doctor and monitor it.

Good news for pet owners

Research result indicates that cat owners are 40 percent less likely to die from heart attack than non-owners. Presence of pets reduces loneliness and depression, emotions linked to early mortality.

Take antioxidant supplements

Take a premium complete liquid antioxidant bioavailable supplement to fill in the gaps in your daily diet and help prevent sickness and disease.

Wearing Seat Belt As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports, the fatal injury is dropped by 45 per cent by wearing seat belts. So, buckle up!

Say no to too much alcohol

Several research studies indicate that moderate alcohol intake lowers the risk of heart disease because it reduces the plaque buildup in arteries. Similarly, too much of alcohol intake may lead to breast cancer. Therefore, don’t take more than 5-ounce glass of wine, 12-ounce beer or 1.5 ounces of liquor per day.

Say no to Smoking

Cigarette causes one fifth of deaths annually in the United States. This preventable habit is responsible for various critical diseases such as cancer, diabetes and lung disease. So, kick this habit.

Apart from sticking to above norms, you need to eat healthy foods including fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to laugh, dance, visit, and explore new things. Please note that maintaining a positive attitude is certainly the main secret that will enable you to stay young for life.

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Linda Stewart is an author that lives in beautiful Central Oregon and loves writing articles on health and wellness.

They say life begins at forty but not everybody agrees. This is because most people who are about to reach their forties become very concerned about how they physically appear to other people. They are conscious of others noticing lines on their face – lines that come with age. Because of this, people who are at this stage of their lives find ways to stay young looking. And do they find any?

According to observations, some women as well as some men go through a dilemma when they realize they are getting older. Because of this, they let themselves go through different means and ways to preserve their youth. They spend money on diet plans, on gyms as well as surgical operations to reclaim their youth. But does this help them with their goal of defying age?

Here are some of the things that you can do to look young and ageless:

• Eating a balanced diet is helpful in keeping one looking young. This is because a balanced diet makes you healthy inside and out. Being healthy inside affects your physical look because your whole body is functioning normal. When body functions are normal, there is enough production of energy which keeps you on the go. With enough energy, you have the strength and endurance that helps you move about without getting tired so easily.

Another effect of normal body functions which keeps you looking young is the distribution of enough oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen in the body is crucial because it helps the brain to function well. When a person is deprived of oxygen to the brain, he cannot think well and could develop other illnesses.

• Regular exercise is also necessary to stay young looking. With regular exercise, one stays fit and healthy. When a person is physically fit, he is able to do his tasks well which makes him confident of himself. When one is healthy, he does not have to worry about frequent illnesses as well as bills concerning hospitalization and expensive medicine.

• The lifestyle of a person affects his ability to maintain a young looking physique. If a person is fond of late night parties, booze and vices such as smoking and taking drugs, he might end up looking old for his age or worst. There is a saying that goes “drug addicts don’t grow old, they die young”. In order to stay young and fit, it is crucial to have a healthy lifestyle.

• Learn to smile as frequent as you can. Science explains that smiling requires only a few muscles on the face to work as compared to frowning which uses a lot of facial muscles. Since frowning uses up more muscles, it causes more facial lines thus making one look older.

• Drink lots of fluids especially water. The more water you drink, the more your body is cleansed. Water has the capability of cleansing the body so that it is free from toxins. Also, the more water and fluids you drink the more hydrated your body is. Drinking ample amounts of water gives a certain glow to your skin which will make you look young.