The Toning Ball

Is The Toning Ball Necessary At All to Get a Good Workout At Home?

I h been training for close to 20 years and run one of the busiest fitness blogs on the Internet.

One of the many questions I get if are…

Is “Product X” Worth the Money -or- “Product Y”?

The most recent product I have seen pop up is the “Toning Ball”

1. These look like croquette balls but are slightly larger

2. They are soft

3. They are inflatable

4. They provide “light resistance”

Selling point on the “Toning Balls”? Smaller and more convenient than medicine balls.

In fact, these are just medicine balls marketed in a different way. What happens often times is that things get “slightly changed” and marketed to look new.

No doubt, “Toning Balls” are marketed to women…

The term toning is certainly a buying term that women are often drawn to. For men the term get ripped is used.

Here is the biggest flaw in something like a toning ball

*** The resistance of 1-10 pounds is not going to make a big difference in muscle tone ***

Even with a beginner, that low of resistance isn’t going to get the job done. Even if someone wants to get toned, they need to use more resistance than that.

In fact, the biggest reason that women fail to achieve the results they get is

1) Lack of Resistance

2) Lack of Intensity

3) Poor Diet

The high-rep low resistance workout simply isn’t going to challenge the body in a way that will produce major changes. I don’t want to slam the toning ball, but it is an inferior way to get toned.

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to improve muscle tone to gain strength while still being able to fit into fashionable clothing.

When you increase strength without adding mass, you increase muscle density.

Here’s an article on my blog showing how to accomplish this:

Gain Strength Without Size

Ab balls are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment within the gym. They get lost within the wild steel vegetation of compound machines, treadmills and massive weight moving monsters within the landscape of the screaming, panting and grunting. Not just a mantlepiece within the gym, ab balls, or swiss balls are the turnkey to an effective abdominal workout, a good complement and in some cases, compliment to anyone’s journey to a six pack. Here, today, I will share with you the 3 great benefits of ab ball exersices, and how they will change how you think about what a proper ab workout should be like.

Ab balls are bespoke machines, which means that they are built for a specialised purpose – toning and ripping up abs. It is the single mindedness nature of the ab ball is one of its most potent benefits. They are made to support the curvature of the back and give a full range of flexible motions; each aimed to attack multiple angles that can help define and shape even the most difficult and belligerent parts of the stomach. It isn’t just a toning and strengthening machine, an ab ball is a utility for a six pack. Ab balls also help to increase your core stability, meaning it trains you, whenever you use it to develop the core support structures of the body. This means greater balance and better form. I’ll give you an example – the squat, the dead-lift and heavy lunges are all examples of core exercises that help build up and strengthen core stability. The ab ball does this a lot better because it aims for the lead ship – the centre of the body.

Ab balls also help to penetrate deep within. Abdominal machines and crunches are great, but they don’t really go all the way to the different layers of ab muscles that we all have. Ab ball exercises like the sitting crunch and the raised ball crunch works the obliques, the upper and lower abs and deep inside, stressing the important parts of the stomach to squeeze out the fat and start toning the stomach area. One other thing, an ab ball isn’t a light weight. It can work up quite a sweat in anyone and will help in the overall weight loss mission. Besides shaping, toning and defining, ab balls also burn the calories – with a good half hour on an ab ball able to burn a hundred calories – as well as toughen up the midsection.

Furthermore, because of the nature of the ab ball, its exercises not only strengthen the abs, but the thighs, the arms the hamstrings, the lower back. More than 20 exercises of the ab ball lists more than 6 different other body parts as being worked out as hard or as secondary to the abdominals. With so many benefits of ab ball exercises, am surprised that there are many gyms in the world that still do not carry them as standard – but include other expensive and non important equipment that just become white elephants.

Everyone wants flat, strong, well-toned and ripped abs. Workouts designed with fitness ball help increase intensity and accomplish the final goal of having flat abs at home. The Swiss Ball or stability ball is an excellent tool for abdominal exercising and target all portions of the abdominal muscle group which includes rectus abdominus, obliques and transverse abdominus. Proper nutrition combined with aerobic exercise is an essential part of having a well toned body.

Abs workouts are designed in a manner which focuses mainly on strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments of belly and midsection area. It is important to prepare the body for exercise and a good stretch prior to workout is essential for avoiding any serious injury. Working with a fitness ball is a unique and effective tool for properly working the abs. The rectus abdominus is a muscle which runs vertically up the stomach and when properly toned and shaped is called a six pack abs. Some ball exercises which strengthen rectus abdominus muscles include ball reverse crunches, ball crunches and ball roll backs. A ball roll up is a good basic exercise for working the rectus abdominus which can be done by lying on back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hold the arms straight overhead with a ball in-between the hands.

The oblique muscles can be toned by the ball by doing side crunches. For performing this exercise kneel on the right knee on the ground with the ball to the right side. Now lean the right hip onto the ball and prop the body on the ball with the right forearm. Extend the left leg straight with the left foot on the ground and place the left hand on the hip. The person’s body should be in a straight line from foot to head without any bends in hips or back.

The transverse abdominus muscles stabilize the spine and pull in the internal organs. The best way to strengthen this important muscle is to lie on the back and hold a ball between the ankles a few inches off the floor. The arms should be flat to the sides with palms down, relax the neck and shoulders and allow the lower back to have a natural curve. Now raise the legs to one inch off the floor with the ball between your ankles. For achieving advanced position raise the legs up higher to maintain a natural curve in the lower back and squeeze the ball tightly to work abs and inner thighs.