The Perfect Bikini Body

Everyone desires that Perfect Bikini Body that goes well with almost anything we choose to wear. However, when it comes to bikinis, not everyone gets to wear them, especially if they are a plus size or if you have a pot belly. It is not surprising therefore that some people, if not all, want to achieve that great looking body without feeling uncomfortable while in public. This is most especially during spring when everyone wants to be at the beach.

To be on the safe side, start eating healthy food as well as exercising as this will help you achieve some results in the long run. Cutting out all junk food and working out is a great way to get that body in shape.


Even if you are a plus size woman, you can eat right so as to cut fat in the most important areas. If you exercise and emphasize on the right diet, you will look good not only in a bikini but also in your normal clothing. Try to burn more calories than the one you ingest in your diet on a daily basis. You won’t be able to do this overnight, but always remember that the secret lies in the calories.

Running or walking for a distance of two miles usually burns about 200 calories. Cutting out some junk food and walking for some miles every day can really help you lose some of that unnecessary fat. Don’t take too much of desserts, snacks and sodas. To cut that weight, you should eat small meals frequently. Starving yourself doesn’t really help.

It’s important to remember that our brains usually take about 20 minutes to actually realize that you are indeed full. Your diet should be mainly proteins and carbs. Make sure it’s balanced. Around 40% of the calories should be from proteins such as beans, peanut butter, fish and chicken. Another 40% from carbs like whole wheat, brown rice, vegetables and sweet potatoes. The other 20% should be from the natural fats such as eggs, nuts and avocado.

Water is also very essential. Your intake should be anywhere between 2 to 3 liters every day. This aids in the reduction of fat as well as skin clearance.


Exercising is one of the oldest methods that are used by people who want to remain fit. Swimming, bike riding and running are some of the most popular workouts. They burn your calories and ensure there is a rise in the metabolism. This in turn causes the quick burning of fat. You should make sure that you find adequate time to exercise so as to get the perfect bikini body and also stay fit.

Doing exercises as a team also helps in keeping the motivation high. You can join a team that is local or make your own team with friends where you can play a few times each week. Having an exercise buddy also assists a lot.

Please also note that you can actually burn many more calories by engaging in interval training. The high intensity kind of training for some 15 minute interval can also help.

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