The Best Exercises For Lower Abs

best exercise for lower abs?
Exercises For Lower Abs, A lot of people may say that you can’t specifically exercise your lower abs, upper abs or in fact target any individual portion of a single muscle group. They’re technically right – you can’t isolate specific bits of your muscles, including upper and lower abs exercises. BUT.. that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train your muscles from different angles. We do know that joint mechanics and angles of exertion will stimulate different levels of fibers within your muscles, so while it’s a good idea to train from several angles, don’t expect to be able to correct or shape your muscles as they grow.

So, on to the best exercise for lower abs. Your lower abs are mostly used as a stabiliser for your core and when you perform difficult movements with your legs, while your upper abs are used mostly in relation to your general upper torso, shoulders and back. The obvious route then for exercising your lower abs is to make use of your legs to perform the workout.

One of the best exercises for lower abs: vertical leg crunches

Lie on your back with your hands resting underneath your lower back for support. Cross your ankles over and keeping your legs as straight as you can, lift your feet up 20-24″ into the air. Hold for 1-2 seconds, then lower them so they’re just off the floor, but don’t let them rest. Lift again, and lower. Repeat the raising and lowering 10-12 times slowly, then rest for 90-120 seconds before doing another set.

Be careful not to strain your back while doing this lower abs exercise. Rest your head on the floor so your upper abs are left out of the equation as much as possible, and don’t arch your back. Your hands under your lower back are there partially for support, and partially to remind your not to flex your back too much.

Another of the best exercises for lower abs: the Captain’s chair

This lower abs exercise requires some equipment, but you can probably find it in your local gym, and if you don’t have access to the gym you may be able to construct something simple at home. The apparatus you need is basically a chair with the seat removed and with two upright handles like joysticks on the arms, so that when you have your forearms on the arm rests you can hold onto the handles. The chair is fixed to the wall a few feet off the ground, and the exercise is as follows.

Stand in front of the chair between the arm rests, and grip onto the handles. The chair should be at an appropriate height so you can reach these comfortably. Contract your lower abs and lift your knees to your chest, placing your weight on your forearms on the arm rests. Pull your knees as high as you can, hold for 1-2 seconds and gently lower them again, but not all the way to the ground. Repeat this motion 10-12 times, and take a rest of 90-120 seconds between sets.

These are two of the best exercises for lower abs, and will give you plenty of strength and definition both in your general core muscles and in your lower abs.

People who are health and body-conscious are always on the look out for the best ways to maintain their shape. And since the abs, the lower abs in particular, is a common problem area, lower abs workout is very common in various fitness areas. There are also countless how-to exercises that are available online.

Training and exercising your muscle abs is very much different from training your other muscles. Unless you’ve been doing the abs exercises for long, don’t just work on your abs especially if you don’t have the basic knowledge and education on the stuffs that you need to know. The risk of worn out muscles and injuries, as well as, back injuries, is very high that you might need a personal trainer to start with.

Lower abs exercise is the very first step that you should do before you start with the general abs exercises. This type of exercise works both your upper ab and lower ab muscles. Starting with the general abs exercises will only tire out your upper abs before you can even start working on your bottom abs.

There are two excellent lower abs exercises that you can do: the reverse crunches or lower abs crunches and the leg raises or lifts.

Reverse Crunches

To do the reverse crunches, lie on your back and place your hands under the buttocks. Then, lift your legs and bend both your knees in a 90-degree angle. Start contracting your abs so as to make your middle section a bit tense. Slowly lower your knees until your feet are positioned a couple of inches above the ground. Bring your knees back up again towards your chest. Make sure you squeeze your abs as you repeatedly do this.

Leg Raises or Lifts

To do the leg lift, lie on your back and place your hands under the buttocks. Lift your legs in a vertical position and start contracting your middle section, engaging your upper abs during the process. Lower both of your legs until your feet are positioned just above the ground. Pause for a second and then pull your legs back again to its vertical position.

There are a lot more lower abs exercises that you can do. There are alternating supine leg walks and there are hanging leg raises and leg scissors. Start with the simple exercises and gradually increase the difficulty as you go on.

While doing the lower abs workout, always ensure safety. Don’t force your body too much as this will only lead to risk injuries and back problems.

Lets Recap:

-It’s best if you work on your lower abs workout [] first or it might tire out the upper abs too much.

-Try doing some reverse crunches.

-Another great method is leg raises or lifts.

-Don’t hurt yourself by over-doing it.

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It is amazing that a small part of the body such as the abs can actually create lots of thrills among people. Everyone seems to dig the idea of believing that you are not beautiful or handsome if you do not have a flat stomach. And since everyone craves for attention, they would make use of different methods just to be able to attain abs that they can be proud of. Their minds are packed with the question on how to get lower abs.

The lower abs is a component of the rectus abdominis muscle group, including the upper abs. The reason why these regions are separated into two is because there are plenty of exercises that offer more intense workout in either the upper or the lower region so to prevent confusion, the two regions were separated. Take the case of the crunch that seems to work out only the upper component of the rectus abdominis.

There are so many exercises that focus the upper abs. The problem comes to the scene the moment when a person desires to obtain a 6 pack abs but he doesn’t know the right workout on how to get lower abs. If he continue to focus on those routines that only work to trim the upper abs then it is very likely that such person will have a trimmed upper abs but end up with a lousy lower abs. Doing this will never allow a person to reach one’s goal.

The only manner that should be done in order to know how to get lower abs too is that there is a need to mix the whole process with various crunch techniques because they can work a great job in targeting the needs of the lower abs.

Keep in mind that doing crunches from dusk until dawn will never work to help you attain a nice looking six pack abs. This is for the reason that the body actually possesses that nasty attitude of storing fat on top of the lower abs. This is actually the region wherein the fat goes which is why it is also the last place where the fat leaves. Because of this, how do you really escape the prison of fats?

The only trick that can be done to have a nice flat abs is to reduce the whole level of fat within the body. The first goal to do before you can start to focus on how to get lower abs is to bust off fat all over your systems. The most advantageous manner to do this is to allow cardio exercises to rule the center stage of your workout. You can also increase the intensity of the workout for you to enjoy a heart pounding result that will truly paint a smile on your face!

Indeed, what you should do now is to focus in getting rid of body fats before you desire to know how to get lower abs. While this process may take lots of your time but in the end you will be guaranteed of the good result. Sooner or later, you can be the best person with a 6 pack abs if you just don’t give up the process of reaching your goals.

Be informed about the proper way on how to get lower abs []. Most of the exercises would focus the upper abs so you need to know a specialize routine so you will know how to get lower abs [] that you can be proud of.