Six Pack – How to Build Abs in a Week

Six Pack Abs Gym Training

Six pack abs are the most envious part of a human physique. While we all strive to develop a six pack, the questions still remains at large that a suitable six pack takes time to build. Taking cue from the above statement, we would now be discussing a few tricks and techniques which can help us develop our abs in less than a week. Let us read on and find out how this is done.

Plan Your Diet

If you are thinking of shaping your abdominal muscles in less than a week, you need to reconsider your diet plan. Food plays a major role when the need of the hour is to develop your abdominal muscles. Hence, it is important to note that if you wish to develop your abs in 7 days, you would need to minimize your fat intake and eat more sprouts as well as proteins.

Plan Your Exercises Accordingly

In case you are looking to develop your abs in less than 7 days, you would need to restructure your exercise routine. Instead of the normal abs-crunches, leg raises and sit-ups, you would need to add a few advanced exercises as well. Try air-cycle and weight laden crunches to further develop your abdominal wall.

Keep A Track Of Your Growth

In case you wish to see results, you would be required to keep a close watch on your abdominal growth. This can be done through the means of a daily report card. Keep a track of your daily development and jot it down on a piece of paper.

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