Ripped Abs – A Complete Guide To Getting Them

Really ripped abs are awesome. In case you’re not familiar with the term, “ripped” means very visible, large and well separated muscles that are clearly defined and developed. If you’ve ever seen bodybuilders on TV, they’re ripped. If your whole body is well developed and you don’t have ripped abs to match, it might distract from your overall achievements. Having cheese grater abs can dramatically finish off a bodybuilders look, or make you stand out across the locker room or on the beach.

If you want ripped abs, they don’t come easy. That’s not to say it’s expensive, takes hours of work every day or is generally unattainable by the average Joe, but it will take dedication and perseverance for a few weeks, and anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to swindle you!

Getting a six pack is easy enough, but to have seriously ripped abs you have to go up one extra level of dedication.

Ripped abs are extra well defined and developed, extra visible through a super low body fat percentage (2-4%) and complemented by rock hard and shapely obliques and serratus muscles (the saw blade style muscles on the side of your upper rib cage under your arms). If you want abs like that, you need to really dedicate your life to obtaining them.

You need to workout more than the next guy. You need to eat cleaner and more intelligently, and you need to be more precise with every single repetition you do in the gym, plus you need to sleep right and get at least 8 full hours each and every night so your body can repair itself and create the glorious ripped abs you’re working so hard for. If you can do all that, and keep it up, you can get seriously ripped abs.

The biggest problem with getting ripped abs isn’t knowing which exercises to do, or what to eat (although if you get that part wrong, you may as well not bother with the rest). The biggest problem is often staying motivated to reach your goals, and keeping the drive that you feel now, in the future. One way to help keep up the passion for ripped abs is by keeping a photo diary of your progress.

Every day, take a picture of your abs from the front and from the side, in the same position. After 60 days or whenever you’re feeling less like you want to work out, or more like you just want to scoff a huge pizza, you can flick through the album and see how far you’ve come. Seeing what you’ve achieved so far will spur you on to greater things. There’s no reason why you can’t have ripped abs, so get to work!

Having the mental strength plays a huge part in achieving ripped abs, but if you’re not eating right, exercising right and sleeping right, you could be wasting your time. If you’re working on your six pack abs, you may be going about it all wrong and wasting your time and energy. David Spencer is a fitness fanatic, and has spent years learning about the best way to get six pack abs as fast as possible. He swears by The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Are you on a quest to learn how to get ripped abs? Most people fail in their goal to reach that elusive six pack, but I’m about to arm you with some golden tips on how to get ripped abs.

Tip 1: Most people over train their abs when learning how to get ripped abs. What you really need to concentrate on is what goes on in the kitchen. You need to watch your diet and make sure it’s low in cholesterol and eliminate fattening foods.

Tip 2: When people think of how to get ripped abs, the crunch always comes into mind. Unfortunately, the crunch allows constant tension on the neck and back. Not good!

Tip 3: Should you use weighted exercises for your abs? You shouldn’t even waste your time doing this. You will never be able to develop your ab muscles like you can with your chest or thighs. You need to realize when learning how to get ripped abs is your abs will barely grow. What you need to do is sculpt them. So, how do you sculpt them? With your diet, not heavy weights.

Tip 4: In order for me to learn how to get ripped abs I need to train them for hours at a time right? Wrong! You will find training your abs for this long will give you no added benefit; in fact you may even get weaker from over training. Concentrate on short workouts, 20 minutes per sessions should be plenty of time to develop your abs.

Tip 5: Don’t eat fattening meals just because you are working out. Most people will never work out hard enough in the gym to burn even half the calories they ingest with these meals. What isn’t burned will more than likely be stored as body fat. Perform cardio on an empty stomach. This allows your body to burn body fat for fuel and not the carbohydrates you just ate.

Tip 6: Do I have to go on a really strict diet when learning how to get ripped abs? Absolutely not! With simple diet changes anyone can get ripped abs. But cutting sodium, fat, calories, and sugar, you’ll be on your way to that chiseled look you are after. Make sure you exercise and drinks lots of water.

You can still enjoy what you eat when learning how to get ripped abs. I wouldn’t call it a diet; you just need to learn when you can eat certain foods. You can get real creative, trust me, it works!

Tip 7: By taking fat burners you learn how to get ripped abs quick. You might as well eat 2 big candy bars instead. Contrary to what they tell you, fat burners can not target specific areas of the body. When you lose body fat, you lose it all over your body; your fingers, the bottom of your feet, your love handles, your thighs, everywhere. Bottom line; your diet is the best fat burner you can get.

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