Main Things That Accelerate Ageing of the Skin

Things That Accelerate Ageing of the Skin, The face and hands are always exposed, which is one of the main reasons that they are the first parts of our body to show signs of ageing. Whether they are facing the cold, wind and rain of winter or the heat of the sun in summer, all types of weather can affect the skin. And it’s not just the weather; the pollution and car exhaust fumes can also play a part in ageing our skin.

Lots of things accelerate the ageing process of the skin:

  • Stress – signs of stress can show up on your skin, hair and nails.
  • Lack of sleep – those who sleep badly can have more fine lines, uneven skin colour and slackening of the skin.
  • Sun damage – the sun is responsible for most of the visible signs of skin ageing. UVA rays emitted by the sun can cause pigmentation, reduced skin elasticity through collagen and elastin breakdown, and skin-texture quality.
  • Smoking – exposure to smoke, even second-hand smoke, can cause damage to the elastin fibres causing sagging to the skin, age spots and lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Pollution and the environment – can cause fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Dehydrated skin can leave the skin dry, rough and itchy and the city dust and dirt clogging up the pores can cause spots and make the skin look lifeless and dull.

One of the main things we notice as a result of normal ageing, is the loss of volume. As we age our facial fat is generally lost, causing the soft tissues to become thinner. Collagen; the dense fibres for strength, and elastin; the elastic fibres for suppleness, will become less firm and elastic as we get older, allowing the soft tissue in the face to sag. This results in the face looking thinner and facial bones looking more prominent.

The cheeks – there’s less production of collagen and elastin meaning that the ageing skin is vulnerable to the effects of gravity and can sag, resulting in jowls and bags under the eyes.

The mouth – laugh lines deepen and the fine lines that surround the lips, known as smokers lines begin to show, and we lose definition resulting in lipstick bleed.

The eyes – the upper and lower eyes begin to sag, creating dark circles and tear troughs.

Facial thread veins – the blood vessels in ageing thin skin are more likely to break, bruise or become permanently dilated, causing thread veins.

Age spots – these occur when the pigment cells in the skin increase in certain areas and cluster together, resulting in sun spots, freckles or liver spots.

The forehead – gains wrinkles and furrows through repetitive facial expression movements, made over time.

The skin – generalised wrinkling of the face may occur because of thinning ageing skin. Reduced skin cell turnover will result in thinner crepe like skin. More mature skin, also has fewer sweat and oil glands, therefore it’s prone to dryness.

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It is a fact that more and more people are suffering from the mature thinking of the skin especially in the urban areas. Also, a major part of the population is concentrated in the urban areas and therefore a major part of population is suffering from premature aging.

The basic reason for it is unhealthy lifestyle, food habits, stress and the harsh weather conditions. However, it is very possible to avoid premature wrinkling of the skin and this is the reason why you need to understand the basic causes of the same.

It is a fact that the world is moving with the very fast pace and nobody has time to spare. I believe, now is the time of taking a break and learning what exactly causes premature wrinkling of the skin and what are the preventive and remedial measures of the same.

Most important causes of the facial skin wrinkling prematurely if stress. Mental stress that affect the body health along with the skin as it releases hormones which have a bad effect on the production of collagen which is present in your skin and also the collagen which is already existing tends to break up get these hormones because of a which the wrinkles appear on the facial skin.

Unhealthy lifestyle which means indulging in life like smoking and alcohol also contribute to the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Alcohol is a major dehydrating agent which tends to dry out your skin and all the natural moisture is diminished by it.

This further accelerates the process of aging. Also, smoking has a very bad effect on your skin along with your overall health which is the basic reason why smokers tend to have wrinkled and dry skin.

Also, it is a fact that long hot showers tend to deplete the natural moisture in the body. Therefore, most of the skin specialists advise you to spend less time in the hot showers or at least reduce temperature of the water. Unhealthy food habits also contribute to premature thinking of the skin.

This means that if you tend to eat spicy, oily and junk food excessively that does not have any nutrients your skin will not only be devoid of essential nutrients but also will produce oil more than necessary thereby attracting more grime and dirt.

I believe you must have understood that the causes of premature thinking of the skin are nothing which you cannot avoid. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is avoid stress and joining a meditation or yoga class will be immensely helpful for controlling your stress levels.

Also, reduce your drinking and smoking and make it a point to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Drinking lots of water is also essential for keeping your body hydrated.

Along with this, ensure that you use natural skin care and cosmetic products which are manufactured for producing nourishment to your skin. Prevention is always better than cure and therefore if you follow the mentioned steps you will definitely be able to avoid premature wrinkling of the skin.

We women tend to be very meticulous in skin care matters. We want to choose the best products and use them religiously. But one small thing can ruin everything for us.

Let us take a look at the common mistakes women make when trying to pamper their skin:

1. The use of alcohol-based cleaners and soap.

Using soap strips away essential oil and lipids in your dermis. Rather than soap, switch to a more gentle cleanser that can still lock moisture in your dermis. Check the back label of the cleanser and find out if it contains alcohol-based ingredients.

2. Most people do not use sun screen when they are indoors.

Most of us think that we only need to apply sun screen products when we are outdoors. Our house acts as our shield against external elements like the sun. However, you will be surprised to know that UVA rays can penetrate glass windows. That being said, you are still exposed to radiation even when you are indoors. You become more vulnerable to aging. Make sure you still apply wide-range sun screen product when you are at home.

3. Excessive intake of tea and coffee.

Tea and coffee are great sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight harmful free radicals. However, excessive intake of these drinks can constrict blood vessels. They are also loaded in caffeine. Caffeine shrinks blood vessels and prevents fluid from passing through. Improper circulation of fluid caused by excessive intake of caffeine-rich drinks can lead to the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

4. Using strong chemical peelers.

While some chemical peelers really work in promoting healthy dermis structure, they can be quite irritating and damaging to the dermis. You should not use strong chemical peelers like Retinol around your eyes as this can cause even worse wrinkle problems. When under Retinol treatment, make sure you keep your dermis protected from UV rays. Retinol makes skin photosensitive.

5. Massaging moisturizers roughly

Massaging skin products roughly can disturb weak dermis tissues. You should consider looking for moisturizers that can easily glide on the surface of the skin. Also make sure that it contains effective ingredients so you will no longer have to work hard in massaging it for a prolonged period of time.

Look for moisturizers with CynergyTK and Phytessence Wakame. CynergyTK is an ingredient that has been extracted from the wool of sheep. It is made up of keratin, the protein needed by the body for collagen production. Phytessence Wakame is essential in preserving healthy levels of hyaluronic acid. This acid is responsible for collagen lubrication.