How to Get Ripped Abs Right Now

Lots of people want to know how to get ripped abs. Everybody has seen the perfectly toned stomachs of their favorite hip hop stars, body builders or fitness models, but the question still remain and people want to know how exactly, do they do that and get the six pack abs look?

First, let’s clear up a big myth about ripped abs, all those ab crunch machines that have you twist your mid section every way, back and forth, sit up, bend over and move in a multitude of different ways don’t really do as much as they claim to do. Without a good program of exercise and learning about ways to burn off fat from your stomach muscles and all over your body, it doesn’t matter how much you crunch them, they will never show through your fat.

The first place to start if you want to get great abs is to begin working on your diet. Although this doesn’t work on your abs muscles directly, it is the foundation for all good diet and fitness programs. With a ton of information on dieting in bookstores and on the web, it can be confusing for people to figure out what to do. The basics are to eat a clean diet full of food that’s bursting with nutrition and that’s a lot easier to figure out that you may think. When you have the choice between a greasy pizza for dinner or a salad with lots of vegetables and low fat dressing, the salad is always going to be the best choice.

Next thing to do for your abs is to just start thinking about how intense your workouts are. If you go to the gym and ride the bike for a few minutes, lift weights at a slow pace then mosey on over to do a few sit ups and do it with the intensity and speed of a snail, you aren’t going to see a difference in any body part, much less your abs. You must make a purposeful effort to change your routines and do intense workouts for a given amount of time to get those killer abs.

And thirdly if you want to know how to get ripped abs, we have to finally talk about training your stomach muscles, but not as much as you would think. There are some great exercises for the abs, but they aren’t the usual sit ups or crunches you learned how to do in high school gym or on the football team. One of the best exercises for abs is the hanging leg raises. But not to do them like you see almost everyone else doing them. The key is to rotate your pelvis up as you bring your legs up, not to just simply raise your legs out in front of you.

As a word of caution though, you don’t want to spend too much time concentrating on only your abs, because they are actually a small muscle group and working on just that group of muscles won’t do much to reduce your overall body fat percentage. The key is to build muscle all over your body and work on the large muscle groups as well so you end up raising your metabolism and burn more fat.

Remember this simple fact for learning how to get ripped abs, if you don’t burn the fat off your body, no one will ever see your abs. Build muscle and burn the fat and that’s how you’re going to get some killer six pack abs that everyone will envy.

There are lots of lies about good abs workouts, but you can get the truth about abs here.

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Crunches are a great exercise that can be done anywhere and with no equipment. Lay down on the floor with your back flat, knees bent and feet planted firmly on the ground. Place your hands behind your head, your hands are just to support your head and lift up until your shoulders are raised from the floor. Lots of people do crunches with a full extension, that is, lifting shoulders and lower back off the floor until chest touches knees, but that usually works the hip area more than the abdominal area. Keep repeating the exercise until you feel a burn or discomfort in your stomach area. If you do 10 and feel nothing, you will reap no rewards. If you do 50 and have stomach cramps, try 30 or 25. To further increase the difficulty of this exercise, try placing a 5 lb or 10 lb weight on your chest. Instead of placing your hands behind your head, place them on the weights and lift yourself up.

Leg lifts is another abdominal exercise that is both challenging and effective. Lay down with your back flat on the floor and legs extended. Place your hands at your sides with the palms facing the ground. Lift your legs until they form a 90-degree angle with your body. Lift your pelvis off the floor for a count of 3 and then rest it on the floor again. Lower your legs about 15 degrees. Return to starting position and do it again. When your legs form the 90-degree angle you can either keep them straight if you are more flexible or bend them slightly if it’s more comfortable. Keep your lower back in contact with the ground when lowering legs to avoid injury.

The vacuum is a little known, but very effective, static abdominal exercise. Static means a muscle remains at a given length, there is no movement involved. To perform this exercise, you can either stand or sit with your back erect, shoulders squared and pull in your stomach as much as possible. It’s like you are trying to press your stomach into your back. You’ll need to take shallow breaths as you hold your muscles. Try holding the pose for a count of 10, 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi etc. You will feel this exercise immediately. The great thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere and as often as you wish.

The plank exercise is a static exercise, like the vacuum, that works the core muscles. The exercise is done in the following manner. Lay on your stomach on the floor. Place your forearms flat on the floor and your toes about shoulder width apart. Raise your body on your forearms and toes. As with the vacuum, you need to pull in your stomach muscles. Keep your back straight. Don’t push your butt too far in the air or have it too low. Everything should be in one straight line. Hold this position for as long as you can. Generally 30 seconds is a good start. If you can’t hold for that long, stop when you need to, take a short rest and do it again.

The side plank is the last of our exercises. It’s done in a similar fashion to the plank except you are on your side. Lay on the floor on your side. Your weight will be placed on the forearm, from elbow to wrist and on the sides of your foot. Raise your body off the floor, always trying to keep yourself in a straight line. Hold this for as long as you can. As with the vacuum and the plank, you should pull in your stomach muscles. This is great for working the side abdominal muscles or obliques.

With a little extra time and dedication you can have the body you seek. Try doing these exercises after or before a cardio workout. Try doing them between sets when you are training with weights. Try them at your desk, in your car, waiting in the elevator or on line at the bank. Well, try the vacuum in these places, if you try the other people will just give you strange looks and you don’t want that.