Foods and Exercises That Improve Abs

Did you know that certain foods and exercises effect how nice your abs look? You may be surprised to learn that you don’t need to starve yourself or do tons of crunches for better looking abs.

Good looking Abs are a crucial part of feeling good and impressing others. They can also play a vital role in sexual attraction. We all want great looking abs, but it can be the most difficult part of the body to sculpt. They can be stubborn. You could try all sorts of strange diets and do a million crunches, but that does not necessarily mean you will have fantastic abs. I would like to share with you some information on foods and exercises that can help you achieve sexy abs.

One food that you may not be aware of in the battle against belly fat is the cucumber. Not only is it naturally low in calories, but it helps to flush your system of impurities since it works as a natural diuretic. It has a great many advantages over typical junk food and even other vegetables or fruits. If you could incorporate cucumber into your snack plan or even as part of your meals, it would assist you greatly. This is one of the many foods that you can replace your normal snacks with that will help increase your chance of overall weight loss and a more shapely tummy. There are many more.

Many people think you need to do tons of crunches in order to have great looking abs. That is simply not true. In fact, many athletes never do crunches at all and they have phenomenal abs. The reason for this is that many other exercises, and even normal daily activity, already use the ab muscles. When you do these other exercises you are already doing what is necessary to work your abs. For example, if you were doing knee raises your body must use your ab muscles in order to complete the motion. So even though you are working your legs you end up working your abs as well.

Another crunch-less way to work your abs are side raises. This is a fantastic way to work a variety of muscles without having to risk hurting your neck as crunches can. Do do this properly, place a light weight in one hand as you stand straight up with your arms down. Lean sideways in the opposite direction of the weight you are holding. This will work your side abdominal muscles quite effectively. There are a great many other exercises that can work your abs as well and none of them involve crunching.

Getting Sculpted, Sexy Abs is not as difficult as it might seem. With a little information and some guidance, you can achieve your goals.

As with any journey that we embark upon, we must know where we have been and where we need to go. Our journey through healthy lifestyle changes requires us to keep a daily journal so that we will know where we stand. We need a way to document and track the number of calories we eat, drink and burn each day. The way to do it, is by keeping a “Daily Food and Exercise Journal”.

This journal is where we record everything we consume. Yes, this includes the mints as we leave the restaurant, the test taste bites eaten as we cook, all our snacks and drinks, basically, whatever passes our lips and enters our body, must be included in the “Daily Food and Exercise Journal”.

In your journal, fill out the information at the top of each page including the day of the week, the date, your morning weight and the “Daily Net Caloric Intake” goal for your desired weight. For each serving that we eat or drink during the day, be sure to list it and fill in all the information requested. Use either a calorie counter book or the nutrition information panel on product packages to determine the number of calories per serving.

Continue to log all the snacks, treats, meals and drinks consumed for the day in the journal. As the running total nears our Daily Net Caloric Intake goal, we will have to make a choice. Either stop eating calories or start burning calories through dedicated physical activity. If we eat and drink more calories than our “Daily Net Caloric Intake” goal, then we need to do some physical activity.

What is Dedicated Physical Activity? Yes, you guessed correctly, it’s exercise. Exercise takes numerous forms. Select a form of exercise that is fun, then set a time aside to enjoy your exercise each day.

Exercise needs to be something that we really look forward to doing. The way we “View” our exercise is key to us completing it. So it is important that we pick an exercise that is enjoyable and convenient.

Perform your exercise, record the time it takes to complete it at the bottom of your journal page. Then look up the multiplication factor for your chosen exercise. Calculate the total calories burned during exercise by multiplying:

Multiplication Factor x Your Weight x Exercise Duration = Total Calories Burned

As an example, lets say that I do low impact aerobics for 1 hour. The calculation would be:

.037 x 302 x 60 = 670 calories burned

Remember that our goal is to consume the amount of calories our bodies require to maintain a desired body weight. This is calculated by these rule of thumb formulas:

For women: desired body weight X 10 = average Daily Net Caloric Intake

For men: desired body weight X 11 = average Daily Net Caloric Intake

My desired body weight is 200 therefore my Daily Net Caloric Intake is calculated thus:

200 X 11 = 2200 net calories per day

Let’s say that my total caloric intake for the day is 2700 calories. That means the I am 500 calories over my Daily Net Caloric Intake goal of 2200 calories. Now, I need to burn 500 calories through dedicated physical activity. I choose to do aerobics for 1 hour and burn 670 calories. I subtract the calories burned from my daily total and my Daily Net Caloric Intake is 2030.

I have reached my goal of approximately 2200 calories. If I continue to do this each day documenting my progress, calories and exercise, my body will gradually lose weight.

Our goal is a gradual weight loss of 1 pound per week. How can well lose weight? By making the lifestyle change of documenting in our daily food and exercise journal. This keeps us aware of how much we are eating and how much exercise we need to do.

What is of most importance? To continue documenting once we reach our desired weight! I have taken off weight so many times, only to revert back to my old eating habits. Guess what happens, I gain all the lost weight back and then some. Don’t let happen to you!!!

NOTE: Always consult your Doctor before starting a weight loss program or exercise program to make sure it is right for you.

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