A Six Pack Is Mere Minutes Away

First things first – you CAN get a six pack. Regardless of what anyone tells you, it is possible, and completely achievable. Every human being possesses the same set of muscles around your abdomen that turn into a six pack when your body fat is low enough and the muscles are properly exercised. It’s just what happens when you’re in shape – you get a six pack.

What people won’t tell you is that it can take a little bit of effort. That doesn’t mean it takes hours a day, or huge sums of money, or expensive gadgets, crazy diets or so called “magic” weight loss pills. You don’t need any of that rubbish, but you do need a sensible and healthy eating plan, a solid and varied exercise routine and a little will power.

Before we get on to how you can get a six pack in mere minutes a day, let’s talk about how you get that six pack in the first place. A good six pack comes from two key ingredients: low body fat, and developed muscles.

1. Low body fat: Fat is your body’s long term energy storage mechanism. If you eat more food than you need during the day, your body will try to avoid wasting it, by saving it up for a time in the future when you don’t eat enough. You can then draw on the fat to keep you awake and alert by burning it off as energy.

Since food is rarely in short supply, your body doesn’t need to save it all up, so you need to do two things. Firstly, only eat as much as you need to during the day. If you’ve already got a fair bit of body fat on you covering your six pack, eat less than you need and force your body to burn off its reserves. Secondly, to burn off your excess body fat more quickly, do cardio exercise. Running, swimming, cycling, tennis, badminton, squash, basketball and so on. Do 30 minutes of exercise every day that makes you out of breath, and the weight will fly off, revealing your six pack.

2. Developed muscles: Bodybuilders have bulging biceps, and if you want a ripped six pack you need to have bulging ab muscles. Work out your abs every day with a variety of ab exercises to tone, firm up and strengthen your abs. Once you’re strong, you can start adding weights into the routine or doing more complex exercises so your six pack really pops out.

So, how can you get a six pack in mere minutes a day? Easy. By making small and simple lifestyle changes based around the two major principles above that have a small short term impact, but a big long term impact on your six pack. Here’s a few tips:

+ Eat a little less, and go for fat-free or diet alternatives wherever they’re available.

+ Do 20-30 minutes of ab exercise every day. Think about it – 20 minutes out of your entire day is nothing.

+ Do 20-30 minutes of cardio exercise every day. You could cycle to work, take the dog for a run or take up a new sport with your buddies. It doesn’t have to be jogging on a treadmill.

+ Drink lots of water – your body needs water to keep it going, just like a car needs oil.

+ Keep it up! A six pack won’t come overnight, but within 60 days of living the six pack lifestyle, you should see major changes.

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Getting a six pack is actually down to a few very simple key principles that many people simply aren’t aware of.

There aren’t lots of abdominal exercise fitness along with diet programs out there that successfully produce what they pledge.

John Alvino’s How to Get Ripped Abs Workouts Program, then again, is a major exception. In this rare and straight forward abs exercise method, John presents an abs exercise plan like no. In his eBook, John puts other programs to embarrassment and shines like a beacon that you should take heed to.

While the How to Get Ripped Abs Plan has managed to slip-up the minds of many and miss the all-to critical media thought, it is still packed out with all you need to know to create the six-pack you have always wanted.

The Idea – Fat-Burning 101

In his course, John maps out his viewpoint on fat burning and how it is a important aspect in the trip to hard core abs. John teaches techniques that include how to increase fat burning during exercise and how to heighten your metabolism to levels like never before. From the start, John tells you how you can and will burn the fat and why it is key to the assignment at hand.

He keeps the tone of his book persuasive yet comforting and drives home the message that the only reason you might be unsuccessful is because of yourself. In the course he also finds ways to encourage you.

Don’t forget, John has survived his individual trials and tribulations of fat loss and finding fitness. He started out over-weight and has tried and tested his fat burning methods beyond measure. He believes it is possible for both men and women to thrive, and with the help of his abs course, we believe so too.

How to Get Ripped Abs Workout Course

John’s abs exercises includes a string of special work out intended to optimize fat burning in the shortest amount of time possible. In summary, John’s techniques will improve your metabolism to levels you have never experienced.

With John’s program and back-up, everything is possible. He even provides private motivational help because he wants you to succeed and will help you along the way.

Generally, the How to Get Ripped Abs Plan is built upon the suggestion that nearly all people trying to burn fat and discover their six-packs are making one or more of these five fatal mistakes:

1. Performing the same old, mind-numbing, and inefficient abdomen exercises.
2. Eating “diet or fitness” foods that are in fact made of trash.
3. Engaging in cardio routines in hopes of burning fat.
4. Crash dieting.
5. Utilizing traditional muscle building programs which barely work for certain individuals with favorable genetics.

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