6 Second Abs Reviews – Is There a Better Option?

6 Second Abs Reviews - Is There a Better Option?

The 6 Second Abs exerciser is a well advertised abs exercise machine. It’s main objective is to allow you to exercise your stomach muscles while you’re sitting down instead of lying down. This should, in theory, help to avoid straining your neck and back as some people do when performing crunches and sit-ups.

6 Second Abs is advertised as a complete solution to your belly woes. Not only does it help you to tone your abs, it also accelerates the belly fat burning process, or so the infomercial states. But this is a bit strange as you can’t burn stomach fat with abs exercises since losing fat from a specific body part is impossible. You either lose fat from your entire body or not at all. So, in my opinion, 6 Second Abs may help to tone the abs but not to shed belly fat.

So, is there a better option that 6 Second Abs to get a flat and sexy tummy?

I believe there is. I believe that by using a complete abs program you can achieve far better results. An abs program not only shows you how to tone your abdominal muscles but also how to maintain a healthy, satisfying, and nutritious diet that will help you to burn body fat faster.

This is something which is far more comprehensive than the 6 Second Abs exerciser can offer. The added benefit of an abs program is that it doesn’t take room, break, or otherwise wear down like an abs machine. It educates you on the proper way to eat and exercise and this stays with you forever.

The abs program I recommend, and have used myself, is the Truth About Abs program. I love this program because it teaches the right way to eat and workout, is easy to read, isn’t too long and tiresome, and provides results. In my mind, this is the better option to get flat abs.

I’ve included 2 resources here which will help you on your way. Make sure to visit both pages. To read more about this abs machine, visit this webpage:

6 Second Abs Review.

John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter. To read more about the Truth About Abs, click here: Truth About Abs [http://burnmybellyfat.com/truth-about-abs-review.html]

There are a huge number of products on the market claiming to give you tight, toned, terrific abs in just a few minutes a day. There are pictures of people that have gone from beach ball to ‘abs of steel’ in an incredibly shot amount of time, and people that swear on their grandmother’s life that it is all due to whatever machine is being advertised. The truth is that most of them do work… but they’ll greatly mislead you about:

– the time needed to get those abs

– the other activities you need to engage in to uncover them from their layers of fat

– and whether the price you pay for the machine is worth it, when you consider that crunches done with good technique are all that most of them aim to do.

We’re looking at the 6-Second Ab Machine here, but you could insert the Ab Lounge, Ab King Pro, Ab Swing, Ab Scissors, Ab Dolly Plus, Ab Chair, or Ab-Doer in the place of 6 Second Abs, and there would be no difference made at all.

The 6-Second Ab system aims to helps punters do a perfect crunch, taking 3 seconds to get up, and 3 seconds to get down. There is an audible click for each second, which is supposed to help you focus on the timing.

However, the machine claims to help people get perfect form – while it is possible to have perfect form on the 6 Second Ab machine, it is actually quite difficult to DEVELOP it on the machine. The unusual motion will put most people off, and help them forget everything they’ve learned about good crunch technique! The resistance bands are said to work only marginally well, by ab workout experts.

So, if you’re looking for something to add a little spice to your ab workout, what should you look for?

  • Go for different exercises rather than different machines. Ask a personal trainer, or just the gym owner what their preference for ab exercises, for people of your skill level is.
  • If you want something you can do in front of the TV, the good old-fashioned exercise ball is recommended by just about every personal trainer.
  • Remember that a huge part of having rock-hard abs and also being able to see them (!), is cardio work. Realize that playing sport, running, cycling and swimming are all part of your ab routine as well.
  • Check out all the different exercises that can be done on an exercise ball, including some that provide over a 90 degree range of motion, if you need increased resistance.